Entrepreneurship Program

Empowering Entrepreneurial Growth in Ethiopia's Gig Economy
The Mesirat program aims to create 1 million job opportunities for gig workers over the next 5 years.

As part of this goal, the Mesirat Entrepreneurship Program is offering resources and support to 100 creative business owners. We are looking for companies in the gig-matching industry and will help them grow their businesses quickly.

Applications Open til May 31st

4th Cohort Applications Have Been Extended til January 31!

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The program assists entrepreneurs:

Reach market fit
Reach growth stage
Fast-track their learning curve
Get better visibility in the Ethiopian market

Who is eligible?

Registered license in Ethiopia

Tested idea with proof of concept

Scalable business model

Experienced team that is working on their idea full time

Business that has been working for at least 6 months

Professional gigs with multi-sided marketplace matching model

Disruptive or with unique value proposition

Special preference to those matching gig job opportunities for individuals with disabilities, internally displaced individuals, returnees and young women.

What are the supports included?


Access to  a white labeled system for collecting applications/register, customizable vetting,  onboarding users, and matching users.


Assistance with developing and executing marketing campaigns that reach potential customers and target groups.

Partner network

Access to a network of businesses and organizations that can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Access to expert advisors

Assistance with developing and executing marketing campaigns that reach potential customers and target groups.


Businesses and gig workers can get qualified financing through this program.

Service providers

Skilled service providers can help you enhance your social media strategy, boost your sales, and provide tailored services based on your individual requirements.


Guidance from experienced entrepreneurs who can help entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and make better decisions.

Also included:

Two-to-four hours of workshop training and consulting each week (for three months).
Ongoing interaction with service providers.
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