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Co-created in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, Gebeya Inc., and its Consortium Partners, Mesirat is a 5-year, multi-phase program to create opportunities for 1 million highly skilled workers through creating, supporting, and nurturing 100 multi-sided gig and professional marketplaces (GPMs) across Ethiopia. “Mesirat” means “to work” in Amharic.

Program Goals

100 Gig and Professional Marketplaces

Supported in Ethiopia

Gig Jobs

Created per GPM

13 Major 

1 Million

Gigs created

About Mesirat

Co-created in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation, Gebeya, and its consortium partners, Mesirat is a 5 year, multi-phase program to create opportunities for 1 million highly skilled workers through creating, supporting, and nurturing 100 multi-sided gig and professional marketplaces (GPMs) in Ethiopia.

We have four parts to our process: recruitment, vetting, upskilling, and gig matching where we use assessments, scoping studies, and mapping to find and work with TVETs, community organizations, and the gig economy.

We also provide entrepreneur support, GPM provisioning, vetting, training, certification, onboarding of gig workers onto the GPM, link to digital jobs, digitally-enabled work (gig workers) and entrepreneurship. And will help 50 TVETs, 50 professional associations, and community organizations with GPM training and skill development.



The Mastercard Foundation is a private foundation that promotes financial inclusion and equitable access to work for young people in Africa and Indigenous communities. It operates independently and has offices in Africa and Canada. It is a registered Canadian charity with offices in several cities across Africa and Canada.


Gebeya is a Pan-African SaaS-enabled talent marketplace that connects skilled professionals and companies. It provides upskilling, certification, mentorship, microlending, and work opportunities to professionals across 30+ countries. Gebeya's goal is to be the most reliable source of skilled talent that showcases Africa's competitiveness in the global gig economy.


ACE Advisors is a management advisory firm that offers customized services to both the public and private sector. They specialize in public policy analysis, research, and capacity building. They will oversee monitoring and evaluation and conduct market research in the ICT and tourism sectors for a specific project.


American College of Technology is an accredited institution that provides training, job placement, incubation, and consultancy services to private and public organizations. The program is delivered in collaboration with various organizations, and ACT plays a leading role in localizing, curriculum development, and providing training and upskilling activities.


CAWEE economically empowers women entrepreneurs, with a focus on women exporters and marginalized women. Their role in the Mesirat project include selecting women for marketplaces, providing support services, proposing policy reforms, and ensuring sustainability. CAWEE's goal is to make the project Women and Youth Centric


TUC is a firm that specializes in urban studies, offering awareness-raising programs, skill enhancement sessions, and site analyses. They use data to provide recommendations to developers, foster collaborative dialogues, and lead research for Ethiopia's Gig Economy Industry to drive sustainable and inclusive urban development for both public and private entities.


Shega Media and Technology PLC is a prominent Ethiopian and African media and technology company that offers high-quality content, data, and research services. They provide media, communication, PR, research, stakeholder engagement, advocacy, and program management support, with a strong local footprint in Ethiopia's digital economy and private sector.


L&A is a management consultancy that advises private sector, government, and international development institutions on digital advancement for low- and middle-income countries. L&A will contribute to Mesirat on government relations, policy design/advisory, program strategy, public/media relations, and entrepreneurship community engagement.

Statement on Safeguarding

At Mesirat, we are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all users of our website. We understand the importance of protecting the information that is shared with us, especially when it comes to the sensitive topic of women and youth employment in Ethiopia. 

To safeguard our users, we have implemented strict security protocols and procedures to ensure that all personal data is collected, stored, and used in accordance with the highest standards of privacy and data protection.

We also strive to create a culture of safety and respect on our website by providing tools and resources that enable users to report any inappropriate or harmful behavior. We take all reports seriously and will take action where necessary to protect the safety and wellbeing of our users.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a safe and supportive online community where women and youth in Ethiopia can access important employment resources and information without fear of discrimination or harassment.

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